Alumni Dandiya Meet 2019

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The annual Alumni reunion took place in the customary way as a Dandiya evening on 28 September 2019 on the School grounds. Around 160 alumni were welcomed back with open arms and shining eyes. The pleasant Friday evening brimmed with nostalgia as the alumni mingled to relive cherished school memories. The evening saw a riot of colours and a heady mix of music.

 A rich carpet of coloured salt rangoli embedded with radiant clay diyas offered a warm welcome to all at the entrance. ‘Dandiya evening’ is organised each year to bring in the Navratri fervor of non-stop fun, dance and festivities. Students from classes 10 to 12 are also allowed to join the occasion and celebrate an evening with their alumni. The Dandiya evening infuses a spirit of friendship and love and helps weave memories for a lifetime.

 The bright and colourful diya-stand holding aloft dozens of lighted diyas in the centre of the arena became the pivot of sorts for the vigorous dancers of the evening. The teachers as well as students dressed in bright and colourful ethnic wear made the evening even more beautiful and vibrant. They filled up the space to knit concentric circles as they matched their moves with the foot tapping numbers and danced away. Later, scrumptious refreshments whetted the welcome appetites.

 None realised how the evening drew to an end and soon it was time to part again. The crowd dispersed reluctantly, carrying new memories and renewed associations but not without a promise to return….same time next year.

 Mehar Saxena, XII-B

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