Annual Adventure Camp for classes III – VIII

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Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that School is once again commencing the annual Adventure Camp, post the annual exams, for the students of classes III to VIII at the School Eco Adventure Park. The camp will be facilitated by a team of highly trained professionals.

The following activities are on offer this time:

. Commando Net

. Commando Net Tunnel

. Climbing Wall

. Artificial River Crossing

. Burma Bridge

. Commando Crawl

. Trampoline

. Parallel Rope

. Ladder Climbing

. Tug of War (Four ways)

. Vertical Rope

. Tyre Climbing

. Balance Beam

. Vertical Net

. Australian Trolley

. Ladder Walk

. Dragon Move

             DATE                                          CLASS                                                        TIME

            27th March, 2023                      Classes III to V                               7:30 am to 5 pm

            28th March, 2023                      Classes VI to VIII                           7:30 am to 5 pm


A fee of Rs. 1,250 (including refreshments, a hot lunch and transport) is chargeable per student to cover costs.

Interested parents must print and sign the consent slip and deposit the fee with the class teacher by 10th March 2023.

Participating students must come dressed in the house teeshirt, black/blue trackpants and sports’ shoes.

Parents may pick up their wards at 5 pm from School.



I, parent of___________________________, class ______ section ____ hereby permit my ward to participate in the Adventure Camp to be held at the School eco park.

While I realise that the School will not spare any effort to ensure otherwise, in the case of an untoward incident, I shall not hold the school responsible.

Signature of Parent: _______________________

Contact No: ______________________

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