Annual Day 2022 ‘ Antardhwani’

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The Indian School celebrated Annual Day 2022, named ‘Antardhwani’ with panache, on 15 December 2022. The theme, Reclaiming my Planet, was skillfully woven into the tableaux and mesmeric dance-drama on the evolution of man through the ages.

The School choir comprising 85 artists from classes 3 to 12, created magic with a medley of original compositions that paid homage to Lord Ganesha and Mother Earth. Popular songs like Mission Paani by AR Rahman, a Swachhata song and outro by the School music department set the tone for what was to follow.

Manan Kakkar of class XIA introduced the show. He welcomed the guests and invited Principal, Mrs Joshi, to address the gathering who warmly welcomed chief guest Ms Purnima Datt, Principal Director of Heritage Education and Communication Service (HECS) at the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). The other luminaries included School Patron Dr (Mrs) Nayana Goradia, Ms Brinda Goradia Shroff, chairperson of the School Managing Committee, Ms Madhavi Divan, member of the School governing board and members of the PTA.

Ms Datt lauded the School’s efforts in spreading awareness about a healthier, greener planet through a sustainable way of life. Ms Datt exemplified lessons from nature by drawing parallels between love, admiration and respect for one’s family and the bond between man and nature. She shared how the flight of the Kingfisher had inspired the engineering marvel of the bullet train and how the eyes of the fiddler crab were the inspiration behind the artificial vision system!

The musical that followed was an audio-visual spectacle as it skilfully presented each epoch depicting the journeys of its main characters: Madhav, Tara and the clan elder. Beginning with man’s quest to be the master of all that he surveys, the story chronicled how, over the centuries, Man lost his way and forgot his roots, his nurturer and caregiver-Mother Earth. The riveting dances from the creation of Earth, life on Earth, the tribes, the discovery of the wheel, Bihu and Karagattam, water, butterfly and animal dance sequences seamlessly wove into the epic rendition.

The grand finale saw all participants dance to the legendary score ‘Aashayein’ and echoed the lessons of the evening to a resounding standing ovation.

“…aashaayen khile dil ki
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahi kutch bhi
nahi kutch bhi…”

Ms Tania Joshi offered the vote of thanks and thanked the management, parents and the PTA for their unbreaking support in making the event a mega success. She expressed her gratitude to Ms Madhavi Divan, member of the Managing Committee and Additional Solicitor General of India, for conceptualising the script. She aapplauded the efforts of Ms Sunita Singh (drama), Mr Madhav (dances), Mr Sanjeev Choudhary (music) and the teachers-in-charge of each sequence, for bringing alive the germ of an idea to its fruition with aplomb. The tech team received a special mention for its dapper computer graphics and movie-making skills in showcasing the preparations for the event.

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