Annual Day circular

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Dear Parents,

After a long Covid related hiatus, we have planned to hold Annual Day at School.

As per the tradition, it will be based on the School theme this year, ‘Reclaiming my Planet’ and will involve drama, music and dance. Tableaux based on the theme will also be put together and presented by the children.

In fact the entire School will resound with manifold levels of new learning based on the theme, which, as we know, is a crying concern of all humanity today. Team work, confidence building and time management will get silently ingrained in the students at all levels, as the exercise proceeds.

The entire process of an annual day, is thus a magnificent opportunity to discover and demonstrate the diverse talents of each participating child.

1. Tentative date for the annual day is the evening of 17th December 2022.

2. Practice sessions will be scheduled during school hours in the zero period.

3. Those children who bring in parent consent and deposit the costume money will be auditioned.

4. Parents of the participants will be invited to view the show.

5. The concerned teachers have already begun conducting auditions in the zero period.

7. Those who still wish to participate must bring in the parent consent without delay.

8. Whilst we strongly recommend that all the children participate for the memorable experience and learning that the occasion will provide, however please note that participation is entirely voluntary.


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