Annual Exhibition of the Pre-Primary classes

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The Pre-Primary classes hosted their Annual Exhibition 2020 virtually on 16 September 2020. The exhibition was held in two slots. PP Merak and PP Leo presented their exhibits from 8.30 to 9.30 am. PP Gemini, PP Orion and PP Vega held their’s from 9.30 to 10.30 am.

The theme of the exhibition was Technology: Then and Now!

The occasion commenced with the School song “Surya Sa Hai Desh Hamara…” melodiously sung by the young pre primary choir. This was followed by a welcome adress by Principal, Ms Tania Joshi, who encouraged her the youngest Indianites to learn in play and fun. School Vice Chairperson, Dr Mrs Nayana Goradia spoke on a video message to felicitate the opportunity to showcase the work done in the summer holidays as a joyous learning exercise with the family. She prompted the children to learn new things and share what they learn with peers.

The performance started with a timeless invocation so fitting for the occasion, one which traces the journey of civilization- “Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara..” Next each class presented a skit to portray the evolution of technology and its journey from early on to present day, in the various aspects, namely, education, transport, communication and clothing.

One skit beautifully showcased the change in the teaching- learning process, starting from the Gurukul Pratha to modern schools and now, online classes and smart boards. Another skit described man’s discovery of the wheel to now, using the most modern means of transportation. The children spoke their dialogues confidently to engage the audience.

The third skit focused on the giant leap that time had taken from the era of telegrams and letters, to amazing gadgets like the laptop and smartphones which help us reach our loved ones in a jiffy. An innovative fashion show demonstrated the remarkable changes in couture, produced by hand to those manufactured on power looms.

The exhibition was a ‘virtual’ treat for the parents as they were very appreciative of the high standards of the exhibits. They spontaneously acknowledged and applauded the effort that went into making the learning process so effective and enjoying. Diverse projects inspired and enhanced the students’ aesthetic sense and creative imagination. The exhibits included the compost jar, the making of a robot with shapes, fireless cooking, and a timeline of the most important changes in the journey of humankind. A video compilation of the holiday homework including bytes of the children talking about the same was also beamed.

The children performed brilliantly and their practises over a whole month paid bountifully. 55 children performed a specially choreographed robot dance which was an apt ending to the wonderful show.

Our School motto, “Knowledge is Power”, could not have been better ingrained amongst our youngest minds. Kudos to the little children who maintained their enthusiasm throughout the show.

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