Career counselling sessions with expert Mr Jitin Chawla

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Our School, each year takes the initiative to offer opportunity to our students to be abreast of the latest career options and to seek out the most suitable one.

In this regard two webinars were held recently in association with one of the top career counselling and study abroad firms, Centre of Career Development (CCD).
The sessions were conducted by Mr Jitin Chawla, its founder and director. Mr Chawla, an established professional in his field, addressed the students at great length on the career choices available currently, their prospects and what further education they entail.

The first session- ‘Profile Building’ was conducted on 11 November 2020 for the students of classes X- XII. Profile building is a vital aspect of career seeking. In today’s times, merely scoring well is no longer the main criterion for organisations that are hiring. Some experience and a robust personality are also important criteria. While universities may require students to score well in order to get admission, employers focus on whether their employees will make for a capable workforce or not.

Mr Chawla pointed out, that internships, summer programmes and engagement with community upliftment is also very gainful, besides indicates the candidate’s social willingness to take on opportunities, no matter the result.

There are many facilities available nowadays as technology does not require students to go far to seek out opportunities. Sewa Bharati and Ek Pahal were organisations suggested by Mr. Chawla as possible places to engage in social work. He also mentioned that Oxford and Harvard Universities also offer summer programmes in social work.

A session for the parents of classes IX- XII was conducted on 21 November 2020. It was titled, ‘New age Careers’. As times change, we are witnessing a change in the professional sector too. Here Mr Chawla discussed the importance of self-discovery to help one streamline one’s thoughts in regard to the choice of career. He emphasised that one must ask a few questions to oneself, for example, ‘ what qualities do I most admire in myself?’ ‘What is my biggest weakness?’ ‘What is my biggest strength?’ etc.

Mr Chawla then moved to discussing new age careers like gaming and esports, youtubing, vlogging, fraud examiners etc. He shared with the audience that a child feels inclined to any of these options, he or she must explore the possibilities. He also discussed options relating to human design, computational biology etc. He conducted the session in an interactive manner and answered questions simultaneously.

The sessions were extremely engaging and students went back with numerous pointers on the way forward. The parents too were introduced to many emerging career options and it was encouraged that they participate with the children to arrive at the most suitable choices.

Aarushi Menon

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