Cartooning Workshop for Middle School

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On March 22, 2023, School hosted noted cartoonist Mr Ajit Narayan, workshop consultant for over 20 years and author of many books including The Cartooning Tricks, How to Draw Animal Cartoons, Draw Cartoons with Ajit Narayan, How to Get Cartoon Ideas, etc. Ms Sandhya Bhateja, Middle School coordinator greeted him with a sapling, as customary at our School.

Cartooning encourages students to concentrate on big ideas, evaluate how certain details contribute to the broader picture and enhance observation skills. The session was attended by the students of classes VI, VII, and VIII.

Mr Narayan started the session with a few warm-up questions for the children. Our children freely volunteered their thoughts as most of them have an intrinsic affinity for cartoons. He taught the technique of drawing cartoons using geometrical shapes. He also  demonstrated different postures like sleeping, running, sitting, walking, and yawning through through stick figures and also to create a comic strip.

Near the end of the session, he went around to each child to see and appreciate the cartoons they had created through the session.  This stimulated and encouraged the students to create more expressive cartoons of their own fantasy worlds.

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