CBSE teacher workshop – Intergrating art in the curriculum

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On 10 November 2022, CBSE organised a Capacity Building Programme on Art Integration, Learning and Assessment for teachers, at the CBSE regional office in I.P. Extension. Ms. Parul Singh from The Indian School attended the one-day workshop along with 24 teachers from various schools of Delhi-NCR. The resource person for the event was Ms Anuradha Rai.

Ms Rai began the workshop by introducing art integration through an interactive presentation that included videos, stories, pictures and audio. At the start, she asked the teachers to colour the different shapes while providing a brief explanation of how logical reasoning can be used to fill colours in motifs. This activity can be used to develop and enhance the students’ creative, logical, and thinking abilities while building team spirit.

Next, the teachers were introduced to the art of paper folding through an Origami activity where they made different types of headgear and caps using newspaper and colours. This activity integrated mathematical concepts such as lines, shapes, types, size, angles, etc.

Ms Rai also showed the audience samples of Warli art and the Bull Seal and asked the participants to integrate them with different subjects. She explained the elements of art and how they can be integrated with different subjects. The participants then engaged in a ‘best out of waste’ activity using flowers and leaves, where they were asked to create something innovative and attractive of them. The teachers came up with creative ideas and later integrated them with different subjects.

Through the workshop, the participants showcased their creativity by creating visual arts, performing, developing lesson plans while integrating the arts with different subjects for the primary and upper primary classes. They also composed musical pieces and regional dances. The resource persons, including Ms. Anuradha Rai, shared their school and classroom experiences.

The workshop was highly interactive and participatory and emphasised the integration of art in teaching, learning, and assessment. It provided ways to assist teachers break the monotony of the class and bring quality to primary education through the integration of the arts in the curriculum.

The workshop was highly productive, as the teacher-participants gained valuable insights into the various aspects of demonstrative teaching and learned innovative ways of engaging with pupils.

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