CBSE teacher workshop on School Health and Wellness

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Physical, behavioural, social and emotional well being are essential components of the learning environment.

The CBSE, aware of the need to impart health and wellness information to students in the classroom, organised a two day Capacity Building Programme on School Health and Wellness on 27-28 December 2022 at its regional office in Patparganj. About 50 teachers of schools across Delhi-NCR attended the enlightening and engaging session. Ms Parvinder Kaur and Ms Madhumati Kumari represented our School at the workshop.

The resource persons, Ms Rose Mary Gaekwad, principal, Paul George Global School and Ms Smita Mishra, principal, Karl Huber School, enabled the participants to develop a finer understanding of school health and wellness.

The session covered a wide range of themes, from growing up healthy to emotional well being and mental health, interpersonal relationships, gender equality, value and citizenship, nutrition, health and sanitation, prevention and management of substance abuse, promotion of healthy lifestyle, reproductive health and HIV prevention, cyber security, and safety and security against violence and injuries.

During the two day course, the resource persons systematically discussed and analysed each theme in detail. The two erudite speakers used case studies, experience, role play and self reflection questions, charts, photographs, videos, games, etcetera, to provide accurate and adequate information and inculcate a positive attitude and ability to apply the concerned life skills.

For example, the theme of safety and security against violence and injuries highlighted the need to make children understand violence and harassment and prepare them to act appropriately by orienting them to always seek help from people, services and institutions. In an unsafe situation, children should say no assertively and move away from the person to a safer place with more people. Schools should prepare a personal safety net that is a web of persons whom children trust and can approach in case of violence and use as a communication channel for information, advice, support and sharing confidential information about feelings or incidents. These could include parents, teachers, elders, relatives, friends, counsellors, guides, health professionals or even the government, including the police or the NGOs.

The themes of gender equality and sensitivity cut across throughout the module. The resource persons emphasised the need to adopt inclusive education to enable boys, girls and the third gender to develop interests and competencies without being restricted by gender stereotypes.

The workshop was an insightful learning experience for all. The sessions offered the teachers strategies like yoga and breathing exercises to promote the holistic well being of the students in their classes. Teachers should encourage their children to identify the causes or triggers for their emotions to gain self awareness and sustain their emotional health and mental well-being.

In the end, Mr Pushkar Vohra, Director and Head COE, Delhi East, thanked the teachers for their enthusiastic participation. The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates to all the participant teachers.

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