Celebrating global learning through Skype-a-thon 2019

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“Technology is best when it brings people together.”- Matt Mullenweg

The Indian School participated in a two-day Skype-a-thon organised by Microsoft Global Learning Connection 2019 on 5 and 6 November. The session attracted hundreds of students and educators from more than 110 countries. It provided a global platform to share stories, collaborate and learn from the experts.

The event, which saw almost half a million students connect via Skype, aimed at counting the virtual miles covered by the participating schools after each session. The ambitious endeavour envisioned travelling a minimum of 17 million virtual miles!

On 5 November, 25 teachers of the primary level of The Indian School engaged with educators and their students in Norway, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Russia. The interaction covered several topics including the reason behind students absenting themselves from school, prevailing AQI levels in Delhi, images of the Indian flag, symbols of national interest, regional cuisines and teaching strategies used in the classrooms.

The next day, 200 excited students from classes I to V took turns to Mystery Skype with their peers in China, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Zambia, Tunisia, Malaysia and Qatar. They successfully covered the virtual distance of 52,677 miles!

The smart representatives of Indian culture and values shed light on India´s multi-faceted millennial culture, her colourful festivals, languages, classical and folk dance forms and her myriad food habits.

The other highlights included conference calls, games, showcasing of 3D animation videos, discussions on climate related issues and an interactive knowledge- sharing on the different softwares used by global educators to bridge the information gap between countries.

The students across the screen were suitably impressed and in turn, spoke eloquently about their countries´ cultural heritages and histories.

The fruitful Skype-a-thon dialogue was an educative and insightful exercise that celebrated the power of global learning.

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