Celebrating World Book Day and Copyright Day 2021 across the classes

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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” – Charles W. Eliot

World Book Day is observed every year on 23 April to celebrate the love of reading throughout the world.

The occasions were observed at The Indian School with much verve. In sync with this year’s theme, “Share a Story”, an array of exciting activities marked the celebrations at different levels.

The young brigade of the Pre-school and Pre-Primary shared their favourite stories and characters in these stories during the online classes, and even dressed up as their favourite characters. Their joy was evident as they proudly showed the books they adore.

Students of classes I and II listened in rapt attention as their teachers wove magic with their words and told stories which
almost transported the happy children into a world of fantasy and fascination! Gulliver’s Travels, Fun in Devlok, Aesop’s Fables, Bundle of Sticks, A Burger’s Story and The Tale of Two Frogs were some stories that evoked the imagination
of the young audience.

Inspired by their teachers, some of the childrem donned the hat of storytellers themselves and narrated stories like
Hansel and Gretel and The Little Red Riding Hood!

Our little storytellers from class III narrated stories like, “A Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “ Cindrella”, “Two Frogs”, “The Honest
Woodcutter”, “Akbar-Birbal” in English and “Pahad aur Chuha, “Chalak Bandar”, “Rango Ki Kahani” and “Sher aur Chuha” in Hindi. Some dressed as characters from these books too. Their preparations were evident from the accoutred backgrounds and props used for the narration.

The excitement of the students of classes IV and V knew no bounds as they used new creativity to make miniature books. It was a delight to view the tiny colourful books, each one unique and reflective of the wonderful imagination of the maker. One could see the names of the students’ favourite books etched on every book. The Panchtantra Tales, Sudha Murty, Sleeping Beauty were some popular choices!

Class VI enjoyed making posters. The vibrance of colours and the messages stood out and gave a glimpse into the beautiful books described there.

Class VII had a wonderful storytelling session with English Teacher Ms.Vandana Tiwari, who enthralled the audience with her storytelling on the theme of mental health.

To observe Copyright Day, the students of class VIII got an opportunity to meet Ms Gizelle Rodrigues, Librarian, The
American School, Mumbai. During the session, Ms Rodrigues talked about topics like plagiarism, copyright and the fair use of information. She told the students that while using information, one should give due credit to the source of information and should also cite the work done by others.

The students of classes IX-XII read aloud extracts from their favourite books, in their language classes.
It was a day well spent, a day spent in the company of our best companions- Books!

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