Community service

-Citizenship Programme Initiative: Class IV Students Visit PALNA

-Citizenship Programme initiative: art workshop conducted at neighbourhood MCD School

-Citizenship Programme initiative: Origami lesson for a neighbourhood MCD school

-Citizenship Visit to Palna for orientation on oral hygiene

-Citizenship Programme- Collection Drive for charity during March-April 2018

-Citizenship Programme-Shramdaan sponsors surgeries at Palna

-Community Outreach- To support VOCATIONAL TRAINING

-Citizenship Programme initiative: Spreading awareness on saving the environment among MCD school children

-An interaction about Cleanliness at an MCD school by the The Citizenship Programme

-Citizenship Programme conducts community outreach workshops

-Citizenship Programme’s collection drive for tue flood hit across India

-Citizenship Programme: Visit to Palna Shishu Kendra at Dakshinpuri Centre

-Citizenship Programme: Visit to Palna Shishu Kendra and Child Help Foundation

-Visit to Palna Shishu Kendria and Child Help Foundation

-Care for Air

-Shramdaan contribution for The Earth Saviours’ Foundation

-Collection Drive for The Earth Saviours’ Foundation on 19 September, 2015

Drug to death: Video produced by Children of Class IX B

-Community Service-Visit to Delhi Council for Child Welfare-Palna

- The Earth Saviours Foundation

- Agewell

- Palna

- Exhibition of paintings of Maharana Pratap: a value addition exercise.

Heritage Day Celebrations, 18 April, 2013.

A Walk For Cancer Awareness, classes 6-84 November, 2012.