Citizenship Programme initiatives at neighbourhood MCD school during August and September, 2022

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On 3rd August 2022, students of class 12 of The Indian School organised a second workshop in Origami for the students of classes 3 and 4 of the MCD School in Sadiq Nagar. As a corollary to the earlier workshop held on 13th July, 2022, the students were asked to refresh their Origami skills learnt at the last session.

The children were divided into groups and shown how to make colourful flowers, a dog and a cat. Students followed the instructions carefully and it was encouraging to observe that the children at the host school remembered the names of our students! There was pin drop silence of awe, as it were, as the children finished the final artwork!

Our students who put together this workshop are Samagya, Udyati, Kamya & Vani of class 12.

On 10th August, the students of class 12, Samagya, Vanya, and Anika visited the MCD school again and taught the children to make simple kites and colour them in the colours of the Tiranga. These would be used to decorate the school premise during the upcoming Independence Day celebrations and the Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign launched by our Honourable Prime Minister.

The students also sang the patriotic song “AE WATAN…” which was taught to them a few weeks ago. It was indeed heartening to see how they had learnt the lyrics and sang the entire song very melodiously.

On 17th August, the students of class 12, namely Shradha Bhatter, Shreyas Singh Jeet, and Ambita Bharadwaj decided to decorate some matkas with the students of the MCD school. The students carried some art and craft items like laces, mirrors, and colorful threads to decorate the matkas for Janamashtami. They also narrated to the children, the story of the matka and young Lord Krishna The beautiful matkas then adorned the school classroom for a while before allowing the children to carry one home.

On 24th August, the students of class 9 – Kayna, Saina, Rudraksh, and Anushka visited the MCD school and spoke to the students about the famous monuments of Delhi. They showed the children images of the monuments and spoke about the history of each monument in brief.

On 7th September, Rudraksh Dey, Anushka Soni and Roshie Kumar of class 9 visited the MCD school and taught some simple Origami to the students as a revision exercise so that the children feel confident and make some of their own Origami figures without assistance.

Over the past months, the students of both schools have bonded and have established a strong rapport. They know each others’ names and eagerly look forward to spending time together and learning something new.

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