Class 1 meets a Russian teacher on Skype

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Skype in the virtual classrooms has become an indispensable platform for bringing global learners together under one virtual roof.

The students of class 1 of The Indian School engaged in a storytelling session with Ms Nadezhda Ivanova, an educator from Russia, on 9 August 2021 at 10:30 am IST.

The young students excitedly waited for the interaction to begin. Their eagerness was infectious, and Ms Ivanova began narrating the hugely popular Russian folktale of Masha and the Bear.

This story is about a little girl Masha, who goes to the forest with her friends. In the forest, she meets a bear. The bear is lonely and wants company. He forcibly takes Masha to his house. However, Masha escapes from the bear’s cottage and the woods, using her wit.

Ms Ivanova used different online gaming platforms like Wakelet, Kahoot and Sway, to promote interest in this riveting tale. These Apps helped the young students learn about and create a character, play as part of a team and gain points on the leaderboard.

Ms Ivanova also spoke about Russia and shared images of the Russian flag, different kinds of mushrooms and berries found in Russia, and the weather there. The visual narrative captivated the students and they were fascinated to learn things about a country that lies thousands of miles away.

The virtual interaction helped children sharpen their digital skills and build on their confidence levels.

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