Class 2 engages with peers in Sweden

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The students of class II engaged online with peers at the Stråningstorpsskolan Elementary School in Karlskoga, Sweden, on 31 August 2022. The session was brought to fruition by the collaborative efforts of Ms Rhytham Massey on our side and Swedish educator, Ms Maria Granfalt.

The session commenced with the peer groups greeting each other in their native languages. Post this, the students of The Indian School and the Stråningstorpsskolan Elementary School engaged in a friendly round of questions on guessing the name of the country to which each side belonged, the weather at each end, their school uniforms, the famous monuments in Sweden such as the statue of Alfred the Great, the inventor of dynamite, the Stockholm City Hall, the Ericsson Globe, and so on. This friendly ice-breaker session saw the two sides relax and communicate in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

The students on both sides also discussed the gastronomical delights of the two cultures. The Swedish counterparts were amazed to know that India is home to 121 languages and the world’s oldest language, Sanskrit.

The Skype classroom brought the diverse school kids closer as they thanked each other for a cooperative and informative session and assured each other of a renewed connection soon.

Ms Grandfalt appreciated the Indianites for their fluency in spoken English and their excellent communication skills!

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