Class 2 meets peers in Taipei

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Skype in the classroom allows students to experience new cultures in the classroom.

The students of class II engaged online with peers at the Erc Chong High School in Taipei on 12 August 2022. The session was brought to fruition by the collaborative efforts of Ms Shikha Sharma, Ms Rhytham Massey and Ms Jaspreet Kaur, class teachers of II A, II B and II E respectively on our side and Taiwanese educator, Ms Claire Wu in Taipei.

The session commenced with the peer group greeting each other in their native languages.

Post greetings, the students of The Indian School spoke about their school and described the warm welcome extended by the teachers on their first day of school post Covid. Taking the interaction forward, the young Indianites spoke about their country and her national symbols. They also described how India was preparing to celebrate her 75th Independence Day. The students showcased their dancing skills with a short performance performing based on patriotic songs. They made a brief presentation about Independence Day and its significance for all Indians.

Aarav Pratihari described the national flag of India, widely known as the Tiranga. Hitakshi spoke about the gastronomical delights of different parts of the country. Agrim elucidated about Delhi and its famous places of worship. Mihit discussed the festivals we celebrate in our country.

After this, the Taiwanese educator and her students spoke about their school and their city Taipei. Chang, a Taiwanese student, talked about the culinary delights from their region including Youtiao, a deep-fried breakfast snack. Sara, of The Indian School, commented that she had the opportunity to taste Youtiao in India itself, highlighting the circulation of food habits across borders! As the session moved on the young Taiwanese students spoke about the famous festivals of their country.

The Skype classroom brought diverse school kids closer as they thanked each other for a cooperative and informative session.

The exuberant Indianites are making their presence felt on the international school scene.

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