Class 2 takes an excursion to Sunder Nursery

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The excursion to Sunder Nursery on 7 February 2024, was a delightful blend of education, exploration, and enjoyment for the 168 students of class II of The Indian School, who were accompanied by their teachers. 

From the time they stepped down at the nursery, they were greeted by the beauty of the surroundings the flora and fauna. Exploring Sunder Nursery was like stepping back in time, as the students walked around the historical treasures of the 16th-century heritage park. They marvelled at the tombs and pavilions, dating back to the Mughal era, including the Sunder Burj and the Batashewala complex. Informative plaques provided valuable insights into the site's rich historical significance, enriching the students' understanding of their cultural heritage.

Amidst the historical marvels, the students were also captivated by the diverse variety of plant species showcased in colourful flower beds and the old towering trees. Sunder Nursery's commitment to preserving biodiversity was evident, offering the students a first-hand experience of the importance of environmental conservation.

The well-maintained pathways and seating areas ensured that exploration was comfortable and enjoyable for both students and teachers, facilitating a seamless learning experience. Along the way, the students learned about Sunder Nursery's efforts to protect the environment through informative signs, gaining valuable knowledge about the significance of green spaces in urban areas.

No excursion is complete without some recreational activities, and the students embraced the opportunity to bond with their classmates and share laughter while enjoying a picnic together. These moments of joy added a special touch to the experience, creating lasting memories for all involved.

The excursion to Sunder Nursery was a resounding success, serving as an interactive classroom where students not only learned about history and nature but also gained a deeper appreciation for our cultural heritage. It was a day filled with laughter, learning, and meaningful connections, leaving the students with memories to cherish and lessons to carry forward.

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