Class 2D interacts with Russian peers

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Our Earth is the only beautiful planet in the solar system. It is the only planet that has life.

Ms Alena Maskaeva, Russian educator from Lyceum 33 Ivanovo, Russia, engaged in a virtual interaction with students of 2D of The Indian School on 9 July, 2021.

The exchange saw both sides discuss ways of how to save Planet Earth. The students who took part in the session were Ahana Arora, Hridaan Garg, Aadyant Kumar, Naina Sharma, Aagya Saxena, Chettup, Mishka Sethi, Prishita Sharma, Shanaya Bhatia, Yohan Arora and Titiksha Rajaguru.

The half hour session saw the students explain the role played by humankind in polluting the planet. They explained how humans endanger not only themselves but also Earth’s flora and fauna, the consequences of which are far-reaching. The engaging presentation also highlighted several suggestions on protecting the planet.

The students showcased cloth bags made by themselvedls, using used t-shirts and pledged that they would not use plastic bags anymore. They showed segregation of garbage in green and blue dustbins. They also explained the importance of the 3 R ‘s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The teacher from Russia shared with the enthusiastic Indianites how her students contributed to saving the planet. She described how her students clean their school yard during their week off. Recycling old paper and making postcards is their favourite pastime, she said.

The session ended with the students on both sides, promising to protect the planet. Both sides were delighted by the warm vibes exchanged during the interaction.

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