Class 2 visits the National Bal Bhavan

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Excursions allow students to have a hands on experience of what they are learning in the classroom. Keeping this in mind, the students of class II were taken to the National Bal Bhavan on 28th December, 2022.

The children were ecstatic to watch animals outside of their storybooks and cartoons. In fact the trip was a chance to give life to their imaginations and build an emotional connect with the animals themselves! Their eyes lit up in amusement as they saw prancing rabbits, screeching parrots and serene ducks.

Furthermore, to acquaint the young minds with mythology and history, the children were taken to Gaurav Gatha, a gallery that consists of a series of miniature dioramas depicting India’s glorious past, her culture, her battles and victories, her struggle for freedom and above all her spirit of unity in diversity. The children were thrilled to see the dioramas presenting main events of our mythology and history.

The aquarium was the prime attraction among the students. They were mesmerised as the teachers educated them about the different types of fish and their special features.

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