Class 6 visits the School eco park

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On 22 February 2023, forty-six students of class 6 accompanied by two teachers visited The School Eco Park. The students were brimming with excitement and were awe struck and mesmerized by the lush greenery that welcomed them.

The tour started with a visit to the Science Park, where the scientific curiosity of the students was fed by the life size science models namely the DNA model, Fun with Mirrors, Musical tubes, Newton’s Wheel, and levers, to name a few. The students were then divided into groups and got an opportunity to see the neatly laid, bed after bed of tender vegetables, on their stems. In great delight, the children picked the produce that was ready and filled their bags to take home. There was radish, potato, cauliflower, coriander, cabbage etc on offer! For these city bred students, it was a novel experience to muddy their hands, as it were, on a farm growing food. The gentle breeze carried the fragrance of the earth even as the mustard field shone in the morning light! The farm animals noisily called as tue students made their way around. There were geese, rabbits, hens, chicks and a couple of tortoises too! A vast vermicompost pit was shown to the visitors and the process of making the compost was reiterated.

It was indeed a fascinating and exhilarating experience, a great specimen of ‘edutainment’, amply practised at our School.

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