Class 6 visits the School eco park

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On January 27, 2023, a field trip to the School eco park was organised for the sixth graders. Three teachers, Ms Pooja Bahl, Ms Kanika, and Ms Tanuja, accompanied 44 students to the eco park.

At the park, the students enjoyed a practical lesson in organic farming. They were split into three groups of 15 students each, making it easier for them to navigate

the park. The aim was to allow each child to participate in activities at his or her individual pace.

At the park, one section is home to several life size working models of scientific phenomena. The bird in the cage model, the sodium chloride crystal structure, the magic mirror based on concave/convex and plane mirrors, the colloidal path, Newton’s disc and the energy conservation model, are a few of the models that are available at the park for a hands on learning of their concepts by visitors.

The park also features some mathematical models in various shapes, such as double-ended cones. Students also enthusiastically participated in activities like volleyball and net climbing.

Later, students undertook a nature walk around the park where they saw several vegetables including broccoli and spinach, grow. They tried their hamds at picking some fresh produce to carry home. Carrots, potato, brinjals were some of many.

The students had carried cloth bags to fills with the produce they would harvest and there was much excitement and wonder as they soiled their hands to pick the ready veggies. The bracing, clean farm air, the chirping birds and the rustle of the breeze through the mustard fields, all lent to a heady experience and a promise to return!

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