Class 7 visits to the School eco park

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The pandemic has had many implications for students, teachers, and the educational system as a whole—the loss of many school trips being one among them. Considering this, now is the moment to make up for lost time!

The Indian School organised an excursion to the School eco park for the students of class VII on 23 January 2023.

On a fresh and bracing morning, the bus left with 48 students who were filled with enthusiasm and anticipation. They were accompanied by three teachers – Ms Vidusha Sharma, Ms Seema Atal and Ms Monika. The bus journey was itself an exhilarating experience for the children. They sang along, enjoying every bit of it.

The students were escorted through the science section at the park for a hands’ on experience with interactive life–sized science models like Lissajous figures, the Double ended cone, Fun with mirrors, Parabolic dishes, Musical tubes, a DNA model, structure of a crystal, Bird in cage, Angular momentum, Third order lever- based on the several principles of science. The teachers described the age appropriate models to the students as they walked past them by turn.

Children who grow up close to nature are better sensitised to the needs of our planet. Alas our city bred children seldom have the opportunity and it is the School eco park that attempts to fill the gap.

The group was then escorted to see the vegetable stretch where manifold rows of vegetable beds offered an awe filled sight. The children picked up the soil and felt its texture, even as they observed the plants and the produce that was ready to pick. In great delight they then, picked this, with nimble fingers, so not to disturb those vegetables which were yet not ready to harvest. The smell of the earth and the sheer thrill of handpicking fresh vegetable made for a heady experience.

The thrill seekers then balanced themselves as they walked across the Burma Bridge. Some students played a game of football while others spent time on the swings.

All in all, the was a perfect amalgamation of eco learning and adventure, a well deserving combination for the young children especially post Covid.

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