Class 8 takes a look at Physics for Sustainability

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Physics teacher, Ms P. Yogeshwari, had the opportunity of attending a session hosted at the Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence, Greater Noida.

The morning began with some introductory presentations after which the visitors were guided around by the coordinators of the various departments.

The projects on display were as follows.

A. Bioplastics

We are aware that plastic is very harmful to our environment and cause a lot of damage to our surroundings. It also takes several years to decompose. An alternative to plastic i.e. bioplastic was showcased at the venue, which is biodegradable by nature, as it completely dissolves in water if soaked for 24 hours.

B. Desalination

This is the process of separating salt from water that includes evaporation and condensation. We were shown an apparatus that separates salt from water. The volunteers in the lab demonstrated the entire process of obtaining distilled water from salt water through a TDS metre.

C. Water Purification

Water purification was explained in three steps. Firstly, using a fine cheese cloth and allowing the dirty water to pass through, gravel, rock, sand and other particles got separated. Secondly, using charcoal, other impurities were removed. Lastly, using UV rays other bacteria were eliminated.

D. Production of Electricity

Here the volunteers produced electricity using mud. Mud was left covered for a short period and E- and H+ travelled into the water through the electric wires and a salt bridge, respectively. This generated electric charge which can be used to light bulbs, run fans, the T.V, etc.

We had an amazing time watching and learning innovative experiments.

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