Cultural Exchange with peers in Serbia for class 2A

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On 22 November 2021, the students of class 2A along with their teacher Ms Shikha Sharma interacted with students of the Desanka Maksimovic School in Belgrade, Serbia who were accompanied by their teacher Ms Natasa Veselinovic.

The session began with Serbian student Emilija, telling us about her country and their way of life. She spoke about its culture, cuisine and costume through a Power point presentation. The peer group greeted each other in their native languages too, much to the delight of both sides.

Then students of The Indian School, spoke to share information about our national symbols, oir diverse cuisines, the weather conditions in New Delhi and the famous monuments of India.

Kiara Talwar welcomed her Serbian peers and their teacher and began the session with a few questions like- ‘Which country has a temple of rats?’, ‘Snakes and ladders originated in which country?’ etc. This had the students from across the screen volunteering answers in an animated discussion! This broke the ice and both sides relaxed in their conversation, paving way for a better learning session.

Pratyush Sood spoke about the distance between India and Serbia, the location of our School in New Delhi and in India and the languages spoken in India. He described some of our world famous heritage sites like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Hawa Mahal and their locations in India using a Power Point presentation.

The session was extremely engaging for the students on both sides as they happily and freely spoke to each other and absorbed new familiarity with a distant culture.

It was a good experience for our children where they contributed to sharing knowledge on a virtual platform with their peers from a different part of the globe.

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