Delhi – Sikkim winter project

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India is a unique nation which presents endless varieties of physical features and cultural activities. It is the land of many languages, religions and linguistic patterns.

Different states carry out various activities to promote a sustained and structured cultural connect in the areas of language learning, culture, traditions and music. The national capital has been paired with Sikkim under the ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ programme initiated by the Government of India.

Students are the most important part of this diverse society and to facilitate greater participation, various activities were organised as a part of this collaboration, during the winter holidays. Projects like exploring the local Sikkimese language was an interesting activity where students of class IIB were asked to write 8-10 words on it and create a word jar.

The second activity was to paint a monastery and a pagoda using symmetrical patterns. Students were given the option of choosing any other architecture found in Sikkim and present it creatively. They were also asked to speak a few lines on the culture of Sikkim.

The activity encouraged each child to tap his or her creative potential while working towards realising a deep cultural connect with a sister state, namely, Sikkim.

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