Dos and Don’ts for Virtual classrooms

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- Be Punctual, Positive and Prepared.
- Be respectful and responsive.
- Be a disciplined student
- Pay Attention and follow Teacher’s Instructions.
- Be Ready with the technology–Reliable Internet Connection, Learning APP(Google Meet).
- Mute your audio while entering the class
- Sit at a peaceful place to avoid background disturbance.
- Leave the meeting room immediately after the class.
- Get your attendance marked.
- Sit close to the WIFI Router
- Keep your Electronic devices: Laptop, Smartphone fully charged.
- Turn off notifications, internet tabs and online games.
- Keep backup ready to login if the connection is lost.


- Hide your identity. Login with appropriate User name.
- Record Video or Capture Screenshot.
- Logout in between the session
- Present /share your screen until asked to do so.
- Pin other participants.
- Communicate with your classmates during class
- Be rude and write Negative comments
- Disturb the teacher in between the class.
- Panic if the connection is lost.
- Be Afraid to get help.
- Plagiarize the content.
- Hesitate to ask questions and clear the doubts when teacher permits.

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