Do’s and Don’ts in the Virtual Classroom for all students.

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Dear Students,

Owing to the pandemic, the shift from traditional classrooms to virtual ones has been quite challenging. Your teachers are leaving no stone unturned to impart quality education to you through online classrooms.

Let us all contribute to creating a great learning environment by adhering to the following guidelines:

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late”-William Shakespeare

Success comes with punctuality, so be an early bird to class.

“The most difficult thing in life is to do simple things regularly”.

Let’s prove this wrong by being regular in attending our classes.

- Your teacher knows it’s you when you log in with an appropriate user name.

- Take pride in your identity, wear your School uniform.

- You must keep your cameras switched on at all times. Your teachers love to see you, especially when marking your attendance.

- Add a feel-good factor to your class, have a neat appearance.

- Respecting others is a virtue. Be respectful towards your teachers and follow their instructions.

- Alertness sharpens the mind. It is good to stay attentive in class.

- Show your teachers how responsible you are by keeping your electronic devices (computers/ phones) fully charged. See to it that your mike and camera are functional.

- Choose the most peaceful corner of your home to sit and enjoy your classes undisturbed.

- You must sit in a chair to ensure good posture.

- Keep a backup to log in case you lose your internet connection. It shows your level of preparedness.



- sitting on the bed during class

- recording videos or capturing screenshots 

- logging out of the virtual classroom during an ongoing class

- presenting or sharing your screen until asked to do so

- pinning other participants in the virtual classroom

- unmuting your audio unless asked to do so

- using the chatbox unnecessarily.


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