Dussehra celebration in Pre school

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Lighting up the festive spirit, Pre-School celebrated Dussehra on 16 October, 2020.

As we know, Dussehra is celebrated in diverse ways in different parts of our vast country, but the core value it signifies remains the same. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil – an important lesson for every child.

A special assembly was conducted by the Pre-School teachers for their little Indianites. They took turns to play act a portion of the grat epic, the Ramayana. They also told the children why and how Dussehra is celebrated.

The story was beautifully narrated with expression and voic modulatio by Ms. Shweta Mastal and Lord Ram was played by Ms. Simran Kaur. They highlighted the message of respecting and obeying our elders. Like Lord Ram, it is important to remain calm in every difficult situation.

Ms. Neha Arora played Sita representing her fine attributes and noble qualities. Ms. Aditi Gupta showed how Hanuman an ardent devotee of Lord Ram possessed great power and yet was a symbol of humility.

Ms. Sumedha Sikka enacted Ravan in the scene where Sita, was abducted and carried away to the kingdom of Lanka.

Dussehra is thus considered an auspicious occasion because it serves as a constant reminder that truth always triumphs. The legend also motivates us to follow the path of our duty.

Keeping the rhythm of the festivity, “Ram Ram Jai Raja Ram, Ram Ram Jai Sita Ram” was played was sung by the children. The Dussehra celebration was summed up by a craft activity conducted in the class.

The event was a learning experience for all and enriched the young ones about our heritage and culture.

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