Engaging on Skype with an educator in Spain for classes 3A and 4A.

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The students of classes 3A and 4A of The Indian School engaged in a scintillating online interaction with Ms Catrina McDonald, a Scottish educator, on 12 July 2021. Ms Mcdonald is currently teaching at theLauaxeta Ikastola School in Spain.

The session commenced with a brief introduction to the speaker from Spain. The students were able to place Spain on the world map viz a viz London.

The little ones were fascinated by the Spanish trivia shared by Ms Catarina. It was interesting to learn that Basque or Euskera, the oldest language in Europe, and Spanish are the two official languages spoken in Spain.

Ms Catarina painted vivid images of popular sports events like stone lifting, log cutting, tug of war, and handball. She described various art forms like Gernika paintings and Oma Forest and the delicacies enjoyed by the Spanish during special occasions.

The children heard about the Spanish tradition of San Fermín in which people run in front of the bulls. They also learnt about Olentzero, a character in Basque tradition, who appears at Christmas to deliver presents for children.

Ms Catarina concluded her presentation amidst enthusiastic responses from her young audience. Amaira Kapoor, Ira Verma, Nivaan Naswa of III-A and Sahiba Singh of IV A took centre stage to share information about India- its location and climate, different languages spoken, festivals celebrated and famous places to visit.

It was heartening to watch the confident speakers proudly describe their country to a foreigner.

The session provided an international experience and global exposure to the children.

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