Environment Week at School

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A series of week-long activities to observe Environment Week from 4th – 8th July School culminated on Monday 4 July, 2022.

A general discussion on the environment, its importance and ways to protect it was carried out for the Pre-Primary wing on 4th July. On the same day, the students of the Pre School were asked to bring along to class, pictures of endangered species, around which the teachers wove stories to explain the meaning of endangered species and why we must preserve them. The students also observed a paper free day.

The young students prepared paper cups and placed gram and rajma to germinate. A story-telling session around the theme, ‘Do Not Litter’ reminded the children of their responsibility. The story was followed by an interaction on the subject with the class teacher.

The students of class 1 sang together “ What a Beautiful World” in their melodious voices. Rap songs, “Save our Planet”, “Earth is our Home” and “ Our Earth is Special” were composed and sung with zest by the students of classes Pre-Primary and classes 4-6.

As a part of art integrated activity, the students of class 2 using ‘best out of waste’, collectively worked to reuse and utilise old cardboard boxes. Posters were crafted by students of classes 4-8 on the essence of botanical gardens, enlightening the students on how pollinators are the carriers of life.

The threat to Earth has grown exponentially in recent years. We all have a moral obligation to make our planet a safer and healthier place to live for ourselves and future generations. The indiscriminate exploitation of nature has put the ecological balance in jeopardy. In view of this the students of class 3 wrote rap songs as a call to “ Save our planet”.

A webinar for classes 7-8 by Ms. Ekta Khurana highlighted that we must remember that our actions have an impact on the entire earth. The earth is what keeps us alive and the quality of our existence is determined by it. She started the session with a brief on what defines health and the factors that determine it, namely Heredity and Environment.

The students of classes 9-12 ardently involved themselves in participating in a debate on the topic “Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today”. The students of class 11-12 took a pledge to save the environment and initiated a signature campaign at school to educate their peers.

The Zero-Waste movement is an eco-friendly lifestyle that aims to reduce the amount of waste an individual generates on a daily basis. The primary purpose of this lifestyle is a commitment to sending as little waste to landfills as possible. Students of class 10 were asked to buddy-teach their schoolmates with essential tips on a zero waste lifestyle.

Webinars held at school during the week were as follows.

1. “World of Plastic” by Ms Neha Maurya for classes 4-5 where she explained how environmental health and human health are inextricably linked.

2. “New generation material- Plastic” by Ms Poonam Gupta for classes 6-8 explaining the connection between plastic and human health/ environmental justice, and creating new-generation heroes who invent promising solutions to the problem.

3. “Plastic and Sustainability” by Ms V. Kanan for classes 11-12 discussed how the ubiquitous use of plastics has led to an extreme pollution of our environment.

4. “Waste Management” by Mr Sankalp Khurana and the need for new scientific research towards achieving this.

Other activities included the planting of saplings, making bags out of tee shirts, sketching floral and fauna, slogan writing, debate and poem recitation.

It was an enriching week and made a difference to the way we view our environment.

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