Excursion to the School Eco Park- class 9

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On 13 November 2019, a select group of class IX students of The Indian School visited the School Sohna Park- an undulating piece of land beyond the urban sprawl of Delhi where students breathed in the fresh air and took in the hues of nature. The cool and quiet of the place was a welcome relief from the hustle-bustle of urban living.

The 49 students were accompanied by 3 teachers-Ms. Minoo Sethi, Ms. P. Yogeshwari and Mr. Rohit. The journey commenced at around 8:35 am and culminated in our arrival at the destination around 9:50 am.

The view of the abundant flora and fauna along the route was heartwarming. The bus journey was filled with animated conversation as the excited travellers expressed curiosity about the sights and sounds that awaited them. The enthusiasm was slightly dampened when the children were told to wear their masks as precaution against the toxic air in Haryana and Delhi. Mercifully, as the day progressed, the pollution ebbed to lift the spirits.

On arrival at the Park, the visitors were struck by the refreshing surroundings. What a change from the smog shrouded city!

Our eyes feasted on the rows of neatly laid beds of tender green vegetables ready for picking. It was an spectacle- of luxuriant vegetables, fluffy white rabbits, geese and hens.

The group strolled over to the science park, nestled on the farm. The life sized exhibits like the concave and convex mirrors, DNA strands, xylophones etc. stood intriguing and alluring for the children as their teachers demonstrated the basic scientific concepts with practical examples.

The expansive grounds beckoned some of the students to play football and volleyball under the supervision of their sports teacher Mr Rohit while a few others spent a leisurely hour on the swings.

The country air and energetic play built up a healthy appetite and the sumptuous spread was soon consumed by the hungry horde.

Post lunch, organic produce from the farm, namely radish, spinach, sweet potato and eggplant, was abundantly distributed amongst the students who excitedly filled their cloth bags carried from home.

A fun-filled day spent in the lap of nature rejuvenated us all for the coming weeks!

Samarbir Singh, IX-A

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