Father’s Day Poem

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Father’s Day offering

The kitchen smells of smoke
Alas “ the cake’’ is aflame
Baking powder and egg yolk strewn
upon the floor,
have made a mucky paste

My siblings laugh aloud at my charade
While the dog finds his way
To the spill beneath the lard

Suddenly the laughter stops
As the rain cloud pops
And the darkness falls
As Mum, for dinner,

My heart is heavy
As I grow afraid
But I calm down
When I see Papa in the doorway

As I stand covered In batter and flour
He scans the mess
And laughs from afar!

”I wanted to bake you a cake for Father’s Day” I explain
He hugs me and tells me
To clean the mess I made

This was not how I wanted it to go
But washing the dishes and scrubbing the floor
Was how that special Sunday
Got spent as Father’s Day!

Vanshika Choudhary, class 11B

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