Graduation Ceremony for the outgoing batch of class 12, 2022-23

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Graduation is an important event on the calendar of our School. This year the occasion was held for the Humanities and Commerce streams on 24 January 2023 and for Science, on 27 January 2023. It was the customary and formal blessing of the teachers to the outgoing batch of class XII as they come to the end of an impactful and beloved chapter of their lives.

The ceremony was an assembly of the parents and the teachers. Manya Arora of XI-C, Akshita Gupta of XI-E and Kirtida Aggarwal of XI-C were the hosts at the occasion.

The grand ceremony commenced with the school choir soulfully singing the Saraswati Vandana followed by the customary academic procession. Here the long and resplendent train of teachers led by the Principal carrying a lighted diya each, walked up aisle and deposited the latter at the foot of the stage. The quietly glowing diyas seemed to radiate the light of knowledge that will accompany our students as they ready to leave their protected portals.

Ms Tania Joshi, then addressed the gathering. She described how parting with students who have grown up in the midst of their dear teachers is very painful. But that she rests assured that the values that the children have imbibed over the years will keep them well armed as they navigate through life. She urged the parents to lend the children their support, to pursue what they are best suited to.

The teachers were then invited by turn on stage to hand over the citations to the students of class XII. The students, looking confident in their uniforms, smiled as they smartly walked up to on stage. The parents of Jasleen Kaur (XII-C), Gayatri Munjal (XII-D) and Samarbir Singh (XII-A) were also invited to address the children and their fellow parents, where they expressed their gratitude to the administration and the academic family, who have in one way or another guided the children, encouraged them and inspired them to give their best. They were also thankful to the School for laying the foundation of lifelong friendship not only amongst the students but also the parents.

Taking the ceremony forward, Damak Saxena (XII-D) , Jasleen Kaur (XII-C) and Prakrit Pandey (XII-B) shared how the unprecedented times made them cherish the small yet important aspects of life, nostalgic memories of the past 14 years and countless times they learned to fight through “thick and thin”.

Peals of delight rent the auditorium as a slide show of past photos taken through the school years, rolled. Most eyes both young and old were moist as the magical moments got relived. Several stared in disbelief as a momentous 14 yearlong precious sojourn was reaching its culmination.

Following tradition, the students finally mounted the stage with a lighted diya each, in hand The glowing spectacle of the manifold little flames against the sea of the school colours, even as the students sang the school anthem together, one last time, made for a surreal image. The “lamps of knowledge and values” were now ready to step outside, to light up, as it were, wherever the darkness lingers. Indeed, the poise of the children was evidence that they were ready to embark upon a new journey.

Last but not the least, the large group proceeded to the front lawn to joyously release big bunches of colourful balloons and enjoy the tea and snacks served there.

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