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Dear Parents,

Air pollution has become one of the most endemic and pressing issues of our times, particularly affecting the young and the old.

In 2020, the GNCTD launched a one-of-kind Green Delhi mobile app. The app, available on both the Google play store and the iOS app store, is a citizen- reporting and grievance redressal mobile app. Any citizen in Delhi can report 14 different environmental violations which are timely resolved by civic agencies in Delhi. The app has recorded over 44,000 complaints and has a resolution rate of 95%.

Given the favourable demographic dividend in Delhi and the negative long term-effects that deteriorating air quality levels can have on the young, the students of Delhi can play a big role in addressing the prevailing pollution crisis by downloading the Green Delhi mobile app and reporting environmental violations actively.

So you are all advised to be a part of this campaign by downloading the app and using it for the upliftment of your surroundings.

The links to the app are given below:

Google Play Store:
iOS App Store:

Eco Club
The Indian School

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