Honour at inter school IT competition

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“Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.”

Our School participated in ‘Modem 2022′, an IT based competition, organised by Modern School, Vasant Vihar, on 5 November 2022. ‘Modem’ provided a great platform to school students to explore technology. 30 schools participated in the event.

There were various competitions that constituted ‘Modem 2022′. These included:

1. MOD CODE: This was an offline event, where participants had to display their programming and logical skills. Mustafa Qadeer XII A, participated in this category.

2. QUIZ TECH: Dhruv Gupta XIA and Aveeral Tandon XI B, participated in the quiz. The students’ knowledge about technology, science, logic and reasoning was tested in the quiz.

3.VIDMOD: Filmmaking was an online event. Vahid Ghanbari XII D, made a video, showcasing his competence in graphics and aesthetics.

4. AIM MOD: Aman Kapoor X E, Krunal Patel XC, Harshil Jain X A, Aarush Roy XI B and Atiksh Jain XI C, participated in the valorant gaming event . Our School team comprising five gaming enthusiasts, qualified the preliminary round.

5. PHOTOMOD: Pranya Sadh XI D, secured the First Position in PHOTOMOD, a meme design event, on the topic ‘Favourite childhood character.’ The opportunity was valuable as thr children showcased their creativity and skill at storytelling.

6. MYSTERY: Navyugta Bisht XII A and Aditya Prasad Sahoo XII C, participated in the category ‘Mystery’. Here, the students had to be clue solvers in a scavenger hunt.

All the participants from our School performed very confidently and offered their best. The event was indeed, an enriching learning experience, for them.

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