Honours at inter school Eco and Commerce competition

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Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice. -Peter Drucker

A team of astute Indianites actively participated in Bizeco – an Economics & Commerce-based inter-school competition organized by Delhi Public School, Rohini, on 24-25 July 2021. Students for classes XI-XII enthusiastically competed with 500+ participants from different schools as a part of this fest.

The event consisted of an array of 7 innovative and engaging online events like the Corporate Adda, Investors’ Pitch, Bizeco Stock Exchange, Kaptured, Brainfi – The Surprise Event, Crypteco, and Property Expo, all aimed at financial literacy and business awareness among the students.

Surveen Kaur of class 12 bagged the Third Position in Brainfi, the surprise event. The competition tested the participants’ business acumen in every way possible. The participants keenly contested to see who was the quickest on the feet!

The Bizeco stock market (BSE) simulated the Bombay Stock Exchange to familiarise the students with the concept of the equity market. Students developed a good understanding of the importance of investment and different ways to invest in India.

Property Expo was a real estate competition for students which required them to be cautious while investing in a property, comprising four sub-sectors – housing, retail, hospitality & commercial, as it is a tangible asset per second.

In Corporate Adda, the students received historical incidents of the avoidable financial crisis, conspiracies, and scams. Their task was to provide solutions for them by employing tactical skills, creativity, financial analysis, and research.

Crypteco was a unique event that combined pop stars and culture with the business world and its ever-changing environment.

In the Investors pitch, participants were allotted industries to research and design a product/service. Next, they had to convince the venture capitalists to invest in exchange for a fee/share of profit in their startup.

Kaptured was photography and advertising competition that gave students a platform to show their photography skills and creativity.

All the participants had a good time and learned a lot while interacting with numerous students from other prominent schools.

Surveen Kaur, 12C

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