Honours at inter school IT competition

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“Success is the intersection of ambition and action.”

Our School students performed extraordinarily well at the inter-school information technology competition, ‘SYNTAX v6.1′ organised by DPS International School, Saket on 23 August 2022.

‘SYNTAX v6.1′ aimed at providing an opportunity to IT enthusiasts to display their technological prowess for innovation and practical learning.

Pranya Sadh, XI-D and Aadya Garg, XI-E, secured the Third  Position in the category ‘Graphic Design’ on the theme, ‘Ephemeral’.

In the online ‘Filmmaking event’, Vahid Ghanbari, XII- C, Divyansh Rajoria, XI-B and Harshvardhan Sharma, XI- A, were awarded the Third Prize for their  film on the topic ‘Let’s start from the End’. 

Shradha Saraswat, VIII-E and Rishima Dubey, VIII-D, bagged the Second Position for their power point presentation in the category, ‘Syntax Presentation’. They presented on the topic ‘Role of AI and Green Technology’. Om Saini, XI-E, secured the Second Position for ‘Syntax Gaming’, a gaming event, where the particpants had to shoot different characters in the game.

Dhruv Gupta, XI- A and Krunal Patel, X-C, participated in Syntax Quiz, a quiz event based on technology, science, logic and reasoning. Shashwat Krishna, X-A and Shaurya Sharma, class XI-B, participated in Syntax Crossword. This event had two rounds, preliminary and final, testing the IT and language skills of students. Sejal Gupta, XI-A , participated in Syntax Discussion with much verve and vigour. She spoke on the topic ‘Investing in technology is humanity’s best shot at being a successful species’. Ashmin Malhotra, IX-C and Navya, IX- C, displayed their photography skills and aesthetics in the Photography event . In this category, the participants were to submit two photographs in their raw form. In the Syntax Surprise category,  Tanmay Kumar XI-B and Abhishek Gupta, XI- B, got the opportunity to showcase their IT knowledge and competence. Participants were to type on the host website using a mobile phone. Sasmit Dey Sarkar, XII-B and Aditya Prasad Sahu, XII-C, took part in Syntax Hackathon, an online event in which students had to create a website for a shoe company and promote the same using innovative marketing strategies.

Mohd. Ashrah, XII-A and Mohd. Umar, XII-B, participated in the programming event, wherein, students had to use Python, a programming language for coding on replit or google collab.

It was a great learning experience for the students as they got an opportunity to enhance their IT skills and acquire a better understanding of the subject. In totality, it was a delightful edutainment experience for our children.

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