Honours at inter school Scrabble championship

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Scrabble, the timeless word game played across the world by millions of people, is not only a test of the players’ vocabulary but also their presence of mind, skills of calculation and a little bit of strategy thrown in at the required moments!

The 14th Delhi State Scrabble Championship 2019 was held on 28 September 2019 at the PP International School, Pitampura, Delhi.

Fifteen students from classes VIII and IX of The Indian School participated in the championship. These were: Adwaitya (VIII-C), Pranya (VIII-C), Mannat (VIII-E), Anvika (VIII-E), Aadyaant (VIII-A), Trisha (VIII-E), Ritika (VIII-E), Hardik (IX-C), Maitreyi (IX-D),Vridhi (IX-D), Sejal (VIII-A), Teghjot (VIII-A), Shaurya (VIII-E), Arnav (IX-B) and Sasmit (IX-D).

The students left School at 8 am and reached the venue at 9 am. On their way, they were engaged in discussing different spellings and even competing with each other. Many schools of Delhi and NCR were participating along with many individuals as well. The first game began at 10 am.

The pairing was done randomly following the Australian Draw or King of the Hill pairing system. According to Scrabble rules, all players had to play all the five rounds. The duration of each game was 50 minutes. Our students participated enthusiastically in all the games and some even won 4 of the 5 rounds!

The students got a lunch break of 30 minutes after the third game and 2 short breaks in between the rounds. After the fifth game the organiser selected four teams of two members each to compete for the Indian Schools’ Finals to be held on 19 October 2019 in Goa.

Maitreyi and Pranya of our School were selected to play for the Finals. Maitreyi also bagged the sixth position at the competition. It was a treat to see these students performing to win for their School.

Each student was awarded a participation certificate. Maitreyi, Pranya and Teghjot received a Special Mention for building unusual words. They were awarded spot prizes too.

The team was very happy to play the game of words and look forward to participating in the Finals.

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