Honours at Jim Corbett-Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant Memorial Annual Young Ideator’s Conclave-2021

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Our students participated in the fourth edition of the Jim Corbett-Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant Memorial Annual Young Ideator’s Conclave-2021 on 26-27 May 2021. The competition was held online on the Zoom platform by Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital.

The unique event featured five competitions that involved critical thinking.

1. MULTI FORMAT ENGLISH DEBATE – The debate team comprised of two members. The event followed the conventional debate format, consisting of Extempore, Turncoat and Block and Tackle rounds. Gunveer Singh Dhir of class XII and Manan Kakkar of class X participated in the event. Both the students performed very well. Gunveer was named Best Interjector whereas Manan was adjudged Best Speaker in the semi final round of the event for his views on the topic, ‘Our society confuses Patriotism with Jingoism’. Our School team also won the Joint Third Prize in the event.

2. GENERAL QUIZ- Sarvagya Puri and Piyush Rangra of class XII participated in the event. The elimination round comprised of 16 questions and 5 teams made it to the final round. The elimination round also saw the solo participants facing 8 questions directed to them. Each school had to answer 15 questions. The individual scores of both the members were added and the top 5 teams qualified for the finals.

3. CREATIVE WRITING- Each school was represented by a team of two members. The participants were given a word / phrase from which they had to craft a 15-line piece which had to be a combination of a short story and a poem. The time limit was 20 minutes. Aarushi Menon and Shruti Arora of class XII participated in the event. The topic given to our students was ‘Uncloven-split’. Shruti’s creative piece was appreciated by the judges and she was awarded the Third Position.

4. ART INSTALLATION- Two students from each school participated in the event. A theme was given 5 minutes prior to set-up after which the participants were given 25 minutes to undertake the task. One participant was required to sketch a blueprint of the proposed installation as reference. The sketch had to be submitted on a designated WhatsApp number. The other member had to prepare a static/kinetic display with the help of the materials and props mentioned in the invite. Shruti Arora and Sharanya Mushraan of class XII participated in the event with the subject, ‘The colour of darkness’ and were awarded the First Prize for their creation.

5. RADIO PLAY- A team of three members was allowed to participate in the event. Jiya Jawa, Vanshika Kanaujia and Akshat of class XII represented our School at the event. Two members performed the spoken roles whereas the third member was the technical in-charge. Each school was given a theme 15 minutes before the competition began. The preparation time was 1 hour and 15 minutes. The final file had to be sent on WhatsApp to a designated telephone number along with a poster designed for the play.

The events posed a variety of challenges to talented young minds and provided them the opportunity for interactive exploration.

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