Honours at TAGFEST 2019 for team from classes 1 and 2

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On 18 October 2019, Tagore International School, East of Kailash, hosted an inter-school competition for the students of the primary level. The event was named ‘TagFest 2019’. Eighteen schools from all over Delhi participated in the event. Our School team was one of the enthusiastic participants. Eleven children from our school participated. The names of the children who participated were as follows:

Rishika Arora, Ish Jadwani from class I and Aharshi Dey , Aaishi Sen Gupta from class II participated in the event titled ‘Bringing Life to Shapes’.

Misha Singhal and Samriddhi Mehta from class III were the participants for ‘I Speak’, an event conducted in English and Hindi.

Manha Furqan and Nuha Khan from class IV represented our School at ‘Tickle Me Kodu’ whereas Shraddha Saraswat , Priyanshi Sharma and Rishima Dube from class V took part in ‘Whose act is it anyway?’

The event started with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by a remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 th birth anniversary. The host school paid a tribute to Bapu as a song by their Indian music choir. There was a dance performance to follow.

Principal, Ms. Mallika Preman then addressed the gathering with a motivating speech to boost the morale of the young participants. She introduced the panel of judges comprising eight luminaries for judging the different competitions. The children were then told to proceed to the respective venues for the different events. All the children were excited and determined to deliver their best!

It was a two hour long event. ‘Bringing life to Shapes’ was all about using different shapes in a way that they represent our day to day lives. The children of class I represented marine life using different shapes and were appreciated by the judges for their innovation and novelty.

‘I Speak’ was all about speaking out one’s views on the topics provided on the spot. The topic in English was ‘Age is just a number’ whereas the student participating in the Hindi competition spoke on ‘Koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti’. ‘Tickle me Kodu’ was an IT based competition whereas ‘Whose act is it anyway’ had a few topics which forced the young minds to think ‘out of the box’ , analyse and present their act in a way that it enlightened their own as well as the viewers’ minds.

After a difficult assessment a refreshment break was given to the participants to relax before the results were announced. The little ones of classes 1 and 2 secured the first position in their event and were awarded a certificate and a memento.

It was undoubtedly a learning experience filled with fun for all the participants. They came back to School happy and excited.

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