Impeccable 2022- annual intra school commerce event for classes 9 to 12

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Shuji Nakamura rightly said, “It’s good to have high-quality competition; it helps drive research forward at a faster pace.”

Our School held ‘Impeccable 2022’, an annual intra-school commerce event, on 18 October 2022. It was conducted by the students of class XII Commerce. It included events like Stock Market Wizards, Brand Kshetra, Bootstrap Innov8, IPL Auction and a surprise event. The occasion saw the participation of students from classes IX to XII. The judges for the much sought-after event were our celebrated alumni, Twisha Kackar and Sidhanth Thagela.

The event commenced with an opening ceremony in the auditorium that included musical performances and a video, showcasing the efforts of students in putting the event together. This was followed by Principal, Mrs Tania Joshi’s welcome address. The judges were introduced to the audience before the participants dispersed for their venues. The plethora of competitions that constituted ‘Impeccable 2022’ were as follows:

Stock Market Wizards. This event provided knowledge about the working and functioning of the stock market. The participants bid on the stocks of various leading companies based on their expertise and news. It gave an opportunity to the students to showcase their analytical skill and logical reasoning.

Brand Kshetra. This event tested the participants’ awareness and understanding of various advertisements and their taglines. A bingo round formed an essential part of the event to make it fun alongwith learning for the students.

Bootstrap Innov8. This motivated the students to conceive novel business ideas and design useful products and services. Our alumni judged this event and were impressed by the ideas presented by the class IX and X students. The students proved that there’s indeed no limit to innovation. Their ideas were presented through a series of power point presentations.

IPL Auction. Here, the students bid for their favourite IPL team and players! It not only tested their knowledge about IPL, but also gave them an insight into IPL auctions that happen before IPL tournaments. It gave a chance to the participants to demonstrate their promptness and analytical skills.

Lastly, the surprise event had some interesting business-related games. It helped the students know more about money management techniques. The games played were Monopoly and Guess the Prize.

The students were extremely enthusiastic about all the events and Impeccable 2022 saw the participation of over 200 children, which was a benchmark achievement for the commerce department. Stock Market Wizards’ saw the maximum participation followed by Brand Kshetra.

At conclusion, the participants and their teachers once again assembled in the auditorium for the closing ceremony. The highlight of the event were the judges’ speeches which motivated the audience. This was followed by the award distribution ceremony honouring the winners, the core committee members, and the able leaders, Pragalpa Subramaniam XII C and Manya Narang XII C.

Mr Ramesh Kumar, teacher in charge, declared Impeccable 2022 closed with a formal vote of thanks. The occasion ended with a resounding applause by the audience.

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