Independence Day celebrations in Pre school

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“Freedom in the Mind,

Faith in the Words,

Pride in our Souls

Lets Salute the Nation”


All we desire for our country is well being and prosperity. Let’s salute our motherland on Independence Day! We are indebted for the freedom we enjoy.

As India braces herself for 75 years of independence and commemorates Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, our young Pre Schoolers celebrated the occasion in enthusiasm and patriotic fervour.

Many activities were conducted to instil the spirit of freedom and love for the nation amongst the little Indianites. Commemorating our brave leaders who gave their lives to free our great nation, a Show and Tell presentation was organised on 12th August, 2022 wherein the children came prepared with the famous slogans associated with our freedom fighters. Abeer carried a picture of Subhash Chandra Bose and confidently spoke ‘You give me blood; I will give you freedom.’ Mahnoor Ali Sheikh and Saitej together declared, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ by Bhagat Singh.

As part of the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign, all the children crafted the national flag. They were told the significance of the colours of the flag..saffron for sacrifice, white for peace and green for prosperity. A march past was conducted on the school campus and the little Indianites marched to the drum proudly, holding aloft the tricolour flags and singing aloud, ” I salute my flag”.

Apart from spreading the message of patriotism, this Independence Day activity oriented the students about the importance of working as a team.

Quiz is fundamental to the learning process at school. Besides the obvious academic benefits, it encourages teamwork and helps boost confidence levels. Keeping this in mind, an Independence Day quiz was conducted on 16th August to mark the 75th year of Indian independence.

The selection for the teams was based on a series of challenging preliminary rounds which tested the students on their knowledge of India, the freedom struggle and our national symbols. The prelims witnessed promising quizzers engage in a battle of wits with their peers, and the most well informed made it to the final 5 teams – Kokab, Capella, Delphini, Hercule and Agena.

The children looked bright and colourful wearing self designed tricolour headgear. 6 students participated from each section and in each round, two children represented their section.

The excitement was palpable as the participants confidently introduced themselves. There were 3 rounds and the quizzers fielded general questions relating to India, the national flag and and the national symbols. There was an air of curiosity in the audience as the quiz progressed. All the contestants displayed calm and control as they faced the quiz master. The teams even managed to earn bonus points by answering the pass-over questions. The quiz saluted the idea of India and the founding fathers who gave shape to her. In the process, it lit the lamp of knowledge and wisdom in the young ones.

The event concluded with our tiny tots soulfully singing patriotic songs.

It was a rich learning experience for the students and an exercise of edutainment which enhanced their knowledge and entertained them equally.

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