Indianite MUN 2020

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The Indianite MUN has always been an event that is much awaited each year by the students of The Indian School. The prevailing COVID-19 lockdown inspired the MUN organising team to rise to the challenge and make the best of the situation. The e-platform provided an opportunity to connect with peers across the country and the idea to host IMUN’s first inter-school edition online was born.

The objective of a Model United Nations is to serve as a forum for meaningful discussion, debate, and discourse for school students. The Indianite MUN proudly hosted over 140 delegates from different schools -Delhi Public School R.K. Puram, Tagore International School Gyan Bharti School, Lotus Valley International School etc.

This year’s MUN was a milestone in many ways, The contribution of the organising committee consisting of student members from classes 11 and 12 was noteworthy. The opening ceremony on 8 August 2020, saw the meet declared open with a ceremonial tapping of the table by the Vice-Chairperson, Dr (Mrs) Nayana Goradia, Principal Ms Tania Joshi, teacher-in-charge, Ms Deepa Chugh and Secretary-General, Gurliv Kaur.

This MUN was privileged to have members of its executive board from all over the country, including the Delhi-NCR MUN circuit. Later that day, all the committees commenced and their proceedings took place over different zoom meetings. There were seven committees, namely,

1. United Nations Human Rights’ Council
2. United Nations Security Council
3. National Security Council
4. Outright Action International
5. All India Political Parties’ Meet
6. Marvel Cinematic Universe
7. International Press

The United Nations Human Rights’ Council had the agenda – Deliberation upon the Universal Abolition of the Death Penalty. The delegates came up with various solutions with regard to the agenda and also made a draft resolution suggesting possible amendments to the UN Charter. This committee put forth interesting debates spurred by the enthusiasm of the delegates.

The All India Political Parties’ Meet was a conference where all the members of various national and regional political parties gathered to discuss matters of national importance. The agenda chosen was ‘Deliberation upon the future of Secularism with the advent of CAA.’ The delegates deliberated upon the legality of this act, the repercussions over certain constitutional rights and its impact on the minorities.

The National Security Council was a continuous crisis committee with a freeze date of 28 May 1999 and the ‘Kargil War’ as its theme. The performances of the small committee of 7 delegates were appreciated by the executive board. The committee members shone brightly as amazing learners who accepted criticism and worked hard to improve on their weak areas. From answering unexpected journalists to handling secret negotiations with the army chief of Pakistan, the fast-paced committee with a new crisis every hour, kept the delegates on their toes.

The committee Outright Action International was based on the agenda – ‘Combating systematic oppression faced by the Asexuals in the LGBTQIA+ community.’ The delegates debated the solutions and awareness programmes needed to overcome this issue. The delegates when faced with crisis also did a great job in holding their ground and coming up with proper resolutions and responses to tackle the same.

Marvel Cinematic Universe was an interesting committee and the agenda chosen was “Discovery of Ten Rings of Power and Return of Team Sinister to wreak havoc on Earth.” The level of debate in the committee was high as the delegates/superheroes presented their views and thoughts about the agenda with utmost precision. Their handling of the crisis was praiseworthy.

The United Nations Security Council discussed ‘The possibility of COVID-19 as a Bioweapon to increase Border Tensions and start War.’ This was a Futuristic Continuous Crisis Committee, with various new and innovative crises being presented to the delegates. The committee members discussed possible solutions to tackle Bioweapons and the rise of a neo-Hitler.

The press acts as the 4th hidden pillar of any democracy. Therefore, the presence of the International Press at the IMUN was imperative. The news agency had photographers, journalists, and caricaturists who were given different tasks every day. Their efforts can be seen in the newsletter.

The Closing Ceremony on 12 August marked International Youth Day. An interactive talk by Mr Parnab Mukherjee, eminent knowledge resource curator, over the issues of Gender and Drug Abuse preceded the closing ceremony.

Team Indianite is proud to have hosted such a large event on the online platform, successfully and eagerly look forward to hosting delegates next year as well. This conference proved to be a highly enriching experience for the delegates as well as the organisers.

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