Inter house English and Hindi speaking competition for class 3

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To reinforce articulation and confidence in speaking in both English and Hindi, an inter house Speech event -‘I Speak’ was held in the school auditorium on 30 October, 2019.

Co-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to showcase their talent, creativity and linguistic skills. The speakers were students from class III. Two members from each house- Chandra, Indra, Varun and Surya presented their thoughts as best possible as they could within the time allotted to them. Each student was given two minutes to speak. A few days prior to the event, the students were presented with two topics and were asked to prepare their speeches on any one.

For the English Speech event , the students were given a choice between ‘Age is Just a Number’ and ‘We don’t need textbooks to learn’ whereas for the Hindi competition the students were asked to speak on ‘Koshish Ek Asha’ or ‘Safalta Jo Hathon Ki Lakiro Mein Na Ho’.

The details of the participants were as follows:





Rishik Srivastava

Arnavjeet Singh


Kishika Assudhaney

Bhavya Naagar


Taisha Manchanda

Ishan SantoshKumar Bhatted


Avi Kapoor

Swarnima Bisht

The students of class IV comprised the audience and enjoyed the event thoroughly. The speech competition greatly helped the young speakers overcome stage fright and acquire new knowledge. They cited examples from their day to day lives, quoted personalities like Mr Amitabh Bachchan for his stamina and fitness at the age of 77 and recited lines from the famous poem ‘Koshish Karne Walon Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti’. The speakers spoke confidently and captivated the audience with their motivating speeches.

Teachers, Ms Shweta Arora and Ms Priya Sharma judged the speakers on content, delivery, diction and accuracy. They appreciated the effort of the participants.

Avi Kapoor of Surya House emerged winner in the English Speech event and Swarnima Bisht of Surya house won the Hindi Speech.

Arnavjeet Singh of Chandra House received appreciation for his effort.

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