Inter school literary event -’The Odyssey’

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The English Society of Ryan International School, Rohini organised The Odyssey, a virtual event that sought to construct conversation, as it were in the world of literature, amongst peers. The event sought to bring together hardworking, ethical and rational young individuals who believe in their abilities and who seek to make a mission of maximising these. The two-day event was held on 12-13 November 2020 and comprised the following categories:

1. Lector’s Locale (Book Presentation)- The event was open for students of classes IX and X and participants were given an opportunity to analyse the book they chose as they had lived it. They were to then share their acceptances and expectations in a power point presentation. Damak Saxena and Maitreyi Purandare from class X presented a PPT on the first book of The Hunger Games Series.

2. To Bee or Not To Bee (Spell Well) The event provided students an opportunity to build a robust vocabulary. Spelling was tested through various interesting and challenging rounds. Avani Mathur of class X participated in the event.

3. Columnation- In this event, the participants had to compose a news report on the impact of the times or Gen Z on the social structure. They were allowed to include short clips such as interviews, pictures and presentations to support their narrative. The title of the competition was ‘The Social Awakening’. Radhya Jain and Paakhi Rajpal from class XI participated in the event.

4. Satire-a-vaganza(Story writing)- The event was held in two rounds-

(a)Thread-a-la-comedie- The participants were given a comic strip to edit, containing only illustrations and no dialogues. They were required to write dialogues relevant to the theme – Humour. The participants were given 20 minutes for the round.

(b)Twist-a-la-comedie- Participants were provided five pictures to formulate a story in 200-300 words. They had to add a humorous twist to their plot. The time limit for the round was 30 minutes.

Vidhi Sharma of class XII-D participated in the event.

The Odyssey was premised on the spirit and effervescence of the English language and provided a platform to students to express themselves creatively.

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