Inter school Pookalam competition

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“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”

Our School participated in a Pookalam competition organised by St. Georges School, Alaknanda on 31 August 2022. Around 17 schools participated in this competition, celebrating the spirit of the famous festival of Kerela, Onam. ‘Pookalams’ are designed at home and public places to celebrate the return of King Mahabal to his kingdom. It is also a celebration of harvest.

Each participating school team comprised of two-six students. Our team consisted of six participants- Cheerayu Saha XI E, Pearl Gupta XI E, Falak Rahi XI E, Divyanshi Panwar X E, Vidhi X E and Prabhleen X E. The challenge was to use eco-friendly materials like fresh flowers and leaves to make the decorative designs. One and a half hours was the time duration for the completion of the task at hand.

Our students prepared an intricate design and then filled it with orange, white, red, yellow and light pink flowers. It was a sheer spectacle to see the colourful ‘carpet’ of flower petals and leaves emerge once the task was done.

This competition gave an ample opportunity to students to display their learnings of aesthetics and design. It also allowed children to showcase coordination and creativity, two essential ingredients of team work. It offered a glimpse of our culture’s rich and diverse traditions.

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