Interactive session on lifestyle diseases for class 12

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” Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

As part of Science Week, School organised an interactive session for the Biology students of classes X, XI and XII with Dr Shalini Singh, Director, National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research and Dr Shekhar Kashyap, renowned Interventional Cardiologist, on 18 August 2022. The aim was to sensitise the students about proactive behaviour necessary to lessen the risks of developing lifestyle diseases. The session was on the topic ‘Lifestyle Diseases’.

The session commenced with decoding the meaning of lifestyle diseases followed by a detailed account of how these diseases are modifiable i.e., they can be prevented if we make wise choices on a daily basis. The resource persons presented factual evidence to help the students grasp the essentials. They stressed on the differences between these diseases and other diseases that are communicable.

Key factors like eating junk food, odd meal hours, irregular sleep patterns and stress were cited as the main reasons for these lifestyle disorders. The resource persons also talked about other major causes of such diseases such as wrong cooking methods, absence of fruit and vegetables in sufficient amounts in the diet etc. The students understand the importance of the four main factors involved, namely, nutrition, exercise, sleep and circadian rhythm. Dr Shekhar Kashyap explained ways to achieve a balanced and productive daily routine. Dr Shalini Singh reiterated the role of physical activity, regular sleep patterns and a balanced diet for the proper functioning of our bodies.

Our students participated with much vigour too.They asked several pertinent questions and clarified their doubts. They even debunked certain stereotypes propagated on social media. The w uestions ranged from the effect of alcohol on the body, good fat and bad fat, repercussions of studying at night, the use of superfoods, the best time to eat and sleep etc. It was an extremely topical and fruitful interaction that shall greatly help students make correct lifestyle choices in the future .

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