Kathakar International Storytelling Festival’22

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20 May 2022 brought a remarkable opportunity for 28 students from classes 6 and 7 of our School to immerse in the mesmerising world of stories.
The venue was Sunder Nursery and the event was the Kathakar International Storytelling Festival.

Kathakar is an annual international storytelling festival, the first and only oral storytelling festival in India and a one of its kind in Asia.

The festival in its 14th edition this year, saw over 1000 people turn up for engaging sessions of storytelling by artists from all over the world, and had special sessions on storytelling for over 800 school children.

Surrounded by heritage, greenery and calm, the venue provided an ideal setting for a masterful skill called storytelling.
Soothing classical music wafted through the air as visitors walked to the amphitheatre at Sunder Nursery on the pleasant Friday evening, owing to the sudden spell of rain. The steps of the amphitheatre were evenly lined with cushions, on which excited spectators sat eagerly waiting for the first performance.

The festival kicked off with Mumbai-based storyteller and performer Sanchi Peswani. Clad in white, traditional Dastangoi attire, Peswani narrated a short story in Hindi from Curious Tales From the Desert, a folktale collection by Shaguna Gahilote. The story ‘A Hard Bargain’ taught us a lesson that we cannot get anything without hardships, everything cannot simply come to you, you will have to work for it.

The next story was a desert tale narrated by Michael Malionowski from Poland. It was the heart touching story of a blind man and a hunter. “I am blind, but I can see from my ears.” The line from the story touched hearts. The story talked about the ability and wisdom of the blind old man who could hear things from far away and help people in need.

The serenity of the place set the mood for witnessing magic unfold in the form of delightful stories. As the day came to an end, we got up to return, taking back home a lot of wisdom and endless memories to cherish. An evening well spent in the company of great storytellers, it was indeed an excursion to remember!

Manha Furqan, class 7A

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