Literary Week in Pre School

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Literary Week is an annual celebration at The Indian School, aimed at commemorating the spirit of literature. It infuses in the children, an appreciation, understanding and love for literature through innovative activities that mark the week.

At the Pre-School level, various activities were planned to develop good verbal skills among the students. This year Literary Week was observed from 26 to 30 April across all levels.

The week commenced with a fun and easy learning activity where students decorated their names with finger printing to gain familiarity.

New rhymes were taught to the little ones as children learn best through music and rhymes. Rhymes like ‘I am Special, Up in the Blue Sky, Rabbits, rabbits 1 2 3, This is my Family and I love my Daddy were taught to the children. The teachers also taught some rhymes in Hindi.

A workshop where the children were taught to make bookmarks was the highlight of the week. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Rachna Malik who taught the children to make beautiful book marks from materials available at home. She also demonstrated doodle art.

Stories are among the most useful educational and inspirational tools that ignite the imagination of children. Two stories – The sky is Falling (in Hindi) and The Three Little Pigs (in English) were narrated and enacted by Pre school teachers. Techniques like dramatisation, puppetry, role play and voice modulation were used to enhance the performances. The end result was extremely engaging as the young audience watched, captivated.

The week turned out to be an extremely enriching experience where learning was mixed with fun.

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