Literary Week in the Pre-Primary classes

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The Pre-Primary classes of The Indian School observed the annual Literary Week from 26 to 30 April 2021 with an array of activities held online.

The activities were conducted with the motive to enhance vocabulary, language and the imagination and while making the learning enjoyable. Our tiny tots at the pre-primary level participated in their own special way.

Day 1: A PPT on the story, “Monkey Puzzle” was shown to the children.
The excitement was evident on the children’s faces when the baby monkey found his mother with the help of his friend, the butterfly!
Besides being entertained, the children learnt a lot of new words. They listened attentively to the story and promptly volunteered to answer the questions that were put forth!

Day 2: The children designed a book cover of the story “Monkey Puzzle”. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by them as they got to learn to draw a monkey in an easy way with the help of the numeral 3. The end result was just amazing!

Day 3: Students were shown story cards which had to be placed in a sequence. As we all know, sequencing is an important skill in pre-reading, comprehension and writing. The children were engrossed in achieving the task.

Day 4: The grand Literary Week culminated with a thumb/finger painting activity, where children flaunted their creative side by turning their finger prints into different animals which were present in the Monkey Puzzle story! They were able to convey the story, through their finger print animals, which was quite interesting to listen to.

The activities were planned to hone the listening and verbal skills, decision making, creativity and abstract thinking. The week turned out to be an extremely engaging experience, which aided an appreciation and love for the language too.

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